Presidential’s Budget Could Lead to Major Cuts for Medicare and Medicaid

President Donald Trump’s fiscal 2021 budget request, released Monday, has already ignited a battle with Democrats over government priorities that will lead up to the November elections.

The $4.8 trillion proposal would cut funding for Medicare and Medicaid, while proposing to extend the tax cuts enacted in the 2017 Republican law past their expiration after 2025.

Trump is also pitching a $1 trillion infrastructure investment over the next decade, though the budget doesn’t elaborate on how to pay for it.

The administration proposed cutting nondefense discretionary spending by 6 percent, instead of the slight raise that lawmakers endorsed in last summer’s bipartisan budget deal. Military spending, on the other hand, would go up by 0.3 percent.

Democrats, who have predictably slammed the budget proposal, will get the chance to pepper administration officials with questions in budget hearings this week.