Massive Response to Share the Power of Five

Brittany Markland of Always Best Care in Delaware and her client, Elizabeth “Chubby” Greene, demonstrate the Power of Five by taking the proper precautions to protect and prevent.

This is a challenging time for all, especially those on the front lines of this pandemic. Caregivers each day are working to protect themselves and the clients they care for. With this in mind, HCAOA announced yesterday a campaign to give back, offering to buy lunch for the first 100 caregivers who submitted photos of themselves, with or without a client, holding up their “heart in their hand” symbolizing their vital role in the fight to Protect & Prevent. Within three hours of announcing the campaign, more than 320 photos were received! What a demonstration of total commitment to what our workers do everyday!

But even if your organization has not submitted a photo yet of a caregiver, we still want to recognize their great work. It’s our way of saying, thank you for a job well done. Send your photos to

If a client is in the picture, please make sure to have a photo release form signed. And please make sure to identify all people in the photo and include your agency’s name.  Remember, home care aides have the POWER OF 5, TO PROTECT AND PREVENT THE SPREAD OF COVID-19. Thank you!

The team at Generations Health Care shows off the power of five from a distance.